Night HagCR 9

Always NE Medium Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar)

Init +1; Senses Listen +15, Spot +15

Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Infernal

AC 22, touch 11, flat-footed 21
(+1 Dex, +11 natural)

hp 68 (8 HD); DR 10/cold iron and magic

Immune fire, cold, charm, sleep, fear

SR 25

Fort +12*, Ref +9*, Will +10*

Speed 20 ft.,

Melee Bite +12 (2d6+6 plus disease)

Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Base Atk +8; Grp +12

Atk Options Mounted Combat

Special Actions change shape

Spell-like Abilities (CL 8):

At will—detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, detect magic, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement (DC 12), sleep (DC 12), etherealness (while in possession of its heartstone)

The save DCs are Charisma-based

Abilities Str 19, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 11, Wis 15, Cha 12

Feats Alertness, Combat Casting, Mounted Combat

Skills Bluff +12, Concentration +15, Diplomacy +5, Disguise +1 (+3 acting), Intimidate +14, Listen +15, Ride +12, Sense Motive +13, Spellcraft +11, Spot +15

Advancement 9-16 HD (Medium)

Disease (Ex) Demon fever-bite, Fortitude DC 18, incubation period 1 day, damage 1d6 Con. Each day after the first, on a failed save, an afflicted creature must immediately succeed on another DC 18 Fortitude save or take 1 point of Constitution drain. The save DC is Constitution based.

Dream Haunting (Su) Night hags can visit the dreams of chaotic or evil individuals by using a special periapt known as a heartstone to become ethereal, then hovering over the creature. Once a hag invades someone's dreams, it rides on the victim's back until dawn. The sleeper suffers from tormenting dreams and takes 1 point of Constitution drain upon awakening. Only another ethereal being can stop these nocturnal intrusions, by confronting and defeating the night hag.

Change Shape (Su) A night hag can assume the form of any Small or Medium humanoid.